Barangay Javalera Captain Lucita Agdon suggested that we pilot test our program to grades 5 & 6 students of Javalera Elementary School when we visited her last July 3. She said that 11 and 12 year olds must also be made aware of the pressing problem on teenage pregnancy. The following week, we presented this program to her and Principal Rea Farmorcan, over lunch. Ms. Rea did not need convincing as she openly welcomed the program.

On the first week of August, Ann conducted the overview of Maghintay (Wait), the temporary name of the program, to 198 pre-teens for four consecutive days. On August 12, Ann and Jeena started to meet the students for the follow-up sessions which will go on for 24 ( weeks.

In order for the children to succeed in their commitment to stay pure for the Lord, 100% support from the parents is a much needed ingredient. Once again, Principal Rea wasted no time, met with the class advisers and set a date for the first parenting seminar. This was held last September 13, where 24 parents attended the session.

The parents actively participated during group discussion.