Limay, Bataan – Pastor Edwin Mallari says he has 85 on-going bible studies. How did he do it?

After attending the overview seminar on Biblical Christian Worldview (BCW) and Teaching Christian Values to the Filipino Youth (TCV) last November 2013, Pastor Edwin declared that this should be taught in their church first.

So he sat down with his teachers. Together, they answered the homework on BCW and teacher’s test on TCV. Submitted their answer sheets to Lambat HQ and requested for copies of our meditational module.

His strategy is that all 85 families in their church should have a weekly family devotion which he calls FBS (family bible study). The heads of families will lead their children and their extended families every Sunday before dinner time. Implementation began last February 2014. The positive outcome of this church program is that members have something in common they can talk about everytime they meet in church.

 The Mallari’s exemplifies a culture of studying God’s word as a family.

 Widow, Fe Capulong, leads her children in their weekly FBS.

This family holds their FBS on Saturdays with OFW Dad who is in Dubai.

Garcia-Mason families during their weekly FBS.

Sunday School teachers comprise the church’s Department of Education. They check the homework done by the FBS members.