• PBWI Online Certificates

Christian Ministries

Certificate in Christian Ministries has 14 courses and 98 lessons that will help a pastor grow and disciple his church members to prepare them for future leadership and fulfilling their works of service for the Lord’s kingdom.

Teaching Christian Values

Certificate in Teaching Christian Values to Filipinos is a course of 35 lessons for Sunday School teachers and/or volunteer teachers in village outreach programs. As salt and light we need to engage the community to help the citizenry to lead Godly lives.

Biblical Studies

Certificate in Biblical Studies has six courses in the OT and six courses in the NT. This program is composed of more than 60 lessons that will help pastors in preparing for their Sunday messages.

Theological Studies

Certificate in Theological Studies has five courses and 42 lessons that will help pastors prepare matured men as church elders and leaders and women for various ministries in the church.