March 26, 2014
Mayor Alicia Pizzaro, is pushing for good governance in the municipality of Pilar, Bataan.
Over 100 village council officials attended their 3-day orientation.
The first half day was allotted to the Pilar Ministerial Council. The head of the Ministerial Council of the entire Province of Bataan gave his message on Righteous Leadership. Then Pastor Conradjun Tolosa followed with his presentation of our Movement for the Transformation of Bataan program – content and materials. Many pastors from outside Pilar were there also.
The next morning Pastor Conrad met with our key partners to discuss our Church Growth program. Lambat will conduct a training seminar for youth, women and men church leaders of the entire Municipality of Limay, Bataan beginning April 27. 
Our partners will try and have the Provincial Council of Bataan (composed of 2-3 elders each from the 12 counties of Bataan) meet with Pastor Conrad regarding our materials.