Follow the steps on how to form and conduct values clubs:

1. Pastor and volunteer teachers will attend a one-day seminar on Biblical Christian Worldview (BCW) and Teaching Christian Values to the Filipino Youth (TCV).

2. Pastor will answer the homework on Pananaw sa Buhay at Mundo. He will submit his answer sheet to Lambat HQ together with the names of his volunteer teachers after he has checked their teacher’s quizzes.

3. Identify a place where you will hold your values clubs.

5. Coordinate with your Barangay official and inform him of your intentions of gathering children and/or teens in your community once a week to teach them the values of Jesus Christ.

6. Submit the number of students according to their level (pre-school – 3-5 years old; primary – 6-9 years old; intermediate – 10-12 years old; high school – 13-17 years old) to Lambat HQ.

7. We will send the teaching materials to you within two weeks after we receive the above needed information and the pastor’s answer sheet to Pananaw sa Buhay at Mundo.