Children’s Values Clubs

We teach the children of the Filipino poor, ages 3 to 12, so that when they grow up they will not depart from the values of Christ they learned from us. We believe that when these children come of age, they are the ones who will turn things around in this country and stop corruption in government and lawlessness in our villages.  We provide the children with free study guide materials.

Teens’ Values Clubs 

We teach the teen-agers how to cope with the peer pressures and fight the world system by learning the values of Christ. Through this method, we believe that they will learn to be God-fearing and be responsible citizens. They will be able to help stop lawlessness in our villages by influencing their peers. We provide the teens with free study guide materials.

Children and Teens values clubs are carried out once a week, usually on a Saturday. There are different possible venues where teaching can be valium held: village basketball courts, open spaces, under the shade of a tree, etc.  

We teach, train and equip volunteer teachers who will then carry out the program by gathering the children and teens in their neighborhood. We provide Teacher’s guides for qualified volunteer teachers.

Neighborhood values clubs

Teachers Jade and Keizha

Teacher Keizha

Teacher Alicia

Teacher Bong

Teacher Joel