Out of necessity, Pastor Victor Gojo-Cruz went to the web in the hope that he will be directed to a place where his ministry’s need for materials could be met. Sure enough he landed at Lambat’s site and left a comment. That was last June.

I emailed him to inform him on how he and other pastors can qualify for free materials from us. They wasted no time completing our requirements and scheduled an orientation seminar for July 19.

But due to Typhoon Glenda – which caused havoc to so many places including theirs and ours – the seminar had to be rescheduled.

At five in the morning of August 2, I, together with Lambat’s program directors Lorie Ann De Sena and Jeena Tolosa, set out for the town of Majayjay in the Province of Laguna. It was a three hour drive.

Ann and Jeena conducted an Orientation to Values Formation and Teaching Christian Values to Filipinos seminar to eight pastors and 20 other church leaders. Our team brought 2,186 children and 1,293 adult materials. Pastor Victor agreed to take charge of materials distribution to qualified pastors.

This mission work has great potential. Pastor Vic is the Chairman of Majayjay Ministerial Council and the president of the PTA of both elementary and public high schools in their village. He, together with other pastors, teach Christian values to 1,400 children and teens in all levels.

They also hold Christian values teaching sessions for 60 local government employees, 440 village officials (in 40 villages) and 250 parent recipients of a national welfare program in their town.