1. Introduction to Values Formation. This is an apologetic piece on why it is only right for Filipinos to be studying the values of Jesus Christ. This is a discussion on ethics and how to recognize people who are truly makadiyos (pro-God), makatao (pro-man), makabayan (pro-country) and makakalikasan (pro-environment).

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2.  Introduction to the Biblical Christian Worldview. This includes discussions on:  a) the triad of the     true, good and right, b) the transcendence and immanence of God, the knowable and personal God, c) the nature and purpose of man (includes fall and redemption), d) man’s relationship with authority, e) man’s relationship with his fellowmen, and f) man’s stewardship responsibilities.

3.  Servant (Godly) Leadership. This includes extrapolation of the qualities and marks of a good leader, how to grow in leadership, the functions of leadership: organize, direct and control.

4.  Godly Parenting. This includes teaching, training and equipping of children and discussion on how to prepare kids for their future.

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