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  Introduction to Values Formation. This is an apologetic piece on why it is only right for Filipinos to be studying the values of Jesus Christ. This is a discussion on ethics and how to recognize people who are truly makadiyos (pro-God), makatao (pro-man), makabayan (pro-country) and makakalikasan (pro-environment). Click here to view the module Continue Reading →

Children’s Educational Program

Lambat Headstart is a pre-school tutorial educational program for Filipino kids ages 4-5 years old. The children are taught Christian values and academic subjects such as Science, Numeracy and English all infused with values in preparation for their formal education.  Kids who enter the public school system without any background on letters, numbers and reading Continue Reading →

Lambat School of Ministry


Institute of Christian Thought Courses

This curriculum is arranged in such a way that the different modules comprising it will guide the student from being a professing Christian to a knowledgeable one to an effective disciple maker and defender of the Christian faith. Level I 1. Introduction to Values Formation 2. Introduction to the Biblical Christian Worldview 3. Servant (Godly) Continue Reading →